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Have a project in mind that you think we’d be a great fit for it? We’d love to know what you’re thinking.

Free Consultation

Have a project in mind that you think we’d be a great fit for it? We’d love to know what you’re thinking.


Tanweer Technologies was incorporated in 2013 as a technology company. Since then it has taken the lead in providing state-of-the-art solutions to prestigious clients in the Saudi Arabia.

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01 - Solution

Warehouse management

Having challenge in getting your inventory at the right place, finding where it is and when you need it?
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Our Radio frequency identification solution (RFID) integrated with our portable readers and backend software will help you easily locate and find all your goods with ease and less time and losses. Ask for a free POC (proof of conscept) demo of our WHM solution and you will make sure to adopt it in all of your warehouses.
02 - Solution

Fixed Assets management

How long does it take from your
accounts team to make quarterly
fixed asset inventory?
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And how much variances or losses do you face at the end of the year that need to be reconciled? Our advanced RFID tags and cloud software will give you a real-time view. Where Where your assets are located at all times and will help your company minimize losses and misplaced valuable assets.
03 - Solution

RFID for Vehicle Yard Management

The continuous growth of Automotive Distributors requires timely reporting updates to reach the IT department.
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The logistics department, and the internal audit team, to maintain close monitoring of the vehicles` arrival at the dock and their transfer to the yard and central parking facility. The number of vehicles is increasing every day at a pace that requires the support of High-end technology, to support the operations faster achievements in order to more cost effective management. That motivates the use of RFID & Barcode TRACKING in the yard.
04 - Solution

Container Yard
Management Solution

Are you able to keep track of the Container movements in real-time at your storage facility ?
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Digitize your container ISO numbers movements with the help of OCR technology. Efficiently keep track of Container Check IN & Check Out inventory with ISO number & truck plate number. Easy identification of container type and damages during entry/exit. Features: Container ISO and Truck number plate identification with OCR technology, Track and identity damages and hazard goods movements, Track container check IN/check out duration, Generate custom build reports, API integration to any existing EPR.
05 - Solution

Terminal Operating System (TOS)

Are you able to manage/locate your terminal containers in real time?
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- Preliminary truck visit registration
- Berth Planning
- Cargo put away rules and strategies
- Container Repair Management
- Empty Container Depot Management
- Interactive Port Terminal Map
- Resource Planning
- Web portal for forwarders
- Real Time Reporting & KPIs
06 - Solution

Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Are you able to keep track of the Freezer or warehouse temperatures in real-time for your facility ?
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Transform your quality control & checks with insightful data using our unified cloud-based platform and pre-configured IoT devices • Gain End-to-End Visibility Over Your Supply Chain & Storage.
Features: Monitor Temperature, Humidity & LUX Efficiently Reduce Losses and Save your Money 24/7 reporting web/mobile for better timely decisions View complete temperature history in one view In case of breach, get notified by text message or email Download your reports in PDF/ XLS.
07 - Solution

RTLS – Real Time Tracking Solutions

Do you need to track an object, people or equipment within a meter of accuracy?
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Achieve real-time, track an object, people or an equipment in less than a meter accurately and consistently within the most challenging of environments.
08 - Solution


Digitalize your container ISO number movements with the help of OCR technology.
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OCR is based on the concept of “Intelligent Video” which takes video from cameras and applies additional algorithms (using machine learning) to help solve complex security tasks – such as License plate recognition (LPR), facial recognition, crowd detection, transportation violations, cargo container and railway and toll automation.