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Tanweer Technologies was incorporated in 2013 as a technology company. Since then it has taken the lead in providing state-of-the-art solutions to prestigious clients in the Saudi Arabia.

Our Projects

Tanweer’s strength lies in its ability to find the right type of technological solutions to the increasingly challenging business environments.


Abdul Latif Jameel is one of the largest vehicles distribution companies in the GCC region. Tanweer, in cooperation with ALJ, has implemented Supply chain management for ALJ vehicles yard. The new vehicles coming into the Kingdome tagged with RFID at the port. The vehicles are tracked further in all distribution yards and during every operation.

Tanweer deploying the RFID automation system, the overall performance and efficiency of the logistics operations improved, and the count number of the vehicles distributed annually increased to 25%-30%


Amiantit is a leading pipes manufacturing company for municipal and urban development, industrial, oil and gas, water transmission in Saudi Arabia. It has adopted an UHF-RFID based solution from the Saudi Arabia based RFID system integrator, Tanweer United Co, to identify and keep track of their supply chain system: Pipe production stages, track yard inventory movements till the finaldispatch of pipes from the plant.

Amiantit along with Tanweer launched an RFID-based system to manage their supply chain of pipe productions and inventory. This system not only prevents costly shipping errors, but also helps reduce labor costs incurred previously, as employees attempt to locate, count, and identify pipes of the same color and type with different specifications.

Arab Paper

Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. (a.c. Waraq), located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Waraq manufactures industrial paper used in corrugated cartons and packaging, as well as textile bobbins and paper tubes for a variety of applications, for customers across the Middle East and all over the world .Customers require different types of products, including varying stock and weight, so Waraq makes a large number of types of paper, which are rolled on pools and then stored at its facility until customers orders are received.
Tanweer Deployed the RFID based Production and Inventory Control solution to help Waraq achieve optimization in warehouse space management and production flow control. The system manages the location and movement of every roll of paper stored and accessed within the company's warehouse. The solution not only prevents costly shipping errors, but also helps reduce labor costs previously incurred as employees attempt to locate and visually identify rolls of paper prior to shipment.


ALDREES Petroleum & Transport Services Company is a Saudi joint-stock company with giant petroleum retail services and multi-commodity transport services in the region.

Tanweer provided a solution to Al Drees for monitoring the Supply chain and logistics in their distribution yards across the kingdom. The objective of the solution was to control the movement of validated tankers and trucks with the job order status along with automated gate access. As the trucks and vehicles move in and out of the yards, the commodities moving in the trucks is also validated and recorded in the Back end system.

Fakieh Chicken

Fakieh Chicken is a prominent poultry production company in the western part of KSA. It is a pioneering establishment in the poultry industry, providing about40% of the local market demand.

Tanweer deployed a fleet tracking solution, which tracks the B2B warehouse transportation along with monitoring of temperature, humidity conditions in the cold chain movements, as per the mandatory regulations of SFDA.

Americana Foods

This division of Americana Group is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of a diversified food product portfolio including red meat, chicken products, canned beans, dairy, frozen vegetables, pastries, cold sandwiches, biscuits and cakes, chips, and snacks.

Tanweer provided a fleet tracking solution, which tracks the logistics, along with monitoring temperature and humidity conditions in the cold chain movements, in accordance with the regulations of SFDA. This solution also enables the identification of vehicle drivers with RFID technology.