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Tlabs-IoT Platform from Tanweer is a robust interoperable application platform that comes pre-built with functionalities such as data acquisition from the edge, analytics and storage escalations and remote action triggers, visualization and reporting, device management, user management and security.


Tlabs is a high-performance cloud-based software equipped with three modules (WHM, Asset mangt, Yard mangt), it is built for active control of all processes and material flow as well all available resources or assets within the company's warehouses and facilities.

Fixed Assets management

  • Ensure proper assignment of your assets and enable fast periodic inventory.
  • Gain transparency of your assets and maintain clear reports. Optimizing decision making, within the organization.
  • Identify the true value of your assets at the end of the Financial year.

Warehouse Management

  • Simply print and scan Barcode & RFID using mobility devices.
  • Easily cycle through inventories, generate purchase and sales orders, and manage picking & dispatching process.
  • View real time reserved stocks, user job task management and progress status.

Yard management

  • Get real-time update of vehicle access with authorized job orders.
  • Monitor & Validate vehicle movements by using advanced RFID/Barcode using a mobile application or Fixed Readers.
  • Generate custom build reports or explore the dynamic dashboard view with clear KPI's. (API integration is available)

Terminal Operating System

  • Port terminal map, forwarders portal and real time reporting & KPIs.
  • Cargo put away rules and strategies, empty container depot management and additional resources planning.
  • Preliminary truck visit registration, manage berth planning and container repair tasks.