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Have a project in mind that you think we’d be a great fit for it? We’d love to know what you’re thinking.

Free Consultation

Have a project in mind that you think we’d be a great fit for it? We’d love to know what you’re thinking.

Case Studies

Tanweer Technologies was incorporated in 2013 as a technology company. Since then it has taken the lead in providing state-of-the-art solutions to prestigious clients in the Saudi Arabia.

Our Case Studies

Data Center Asset Management

Mobile IT assets management is vital as organizations invest more in IT on the desktop or on the go.
Our active RFID-powered solutions deliver real-time asset tracking and protection for any data center environment, from Enterprise to CoLo to Edge.
Automated physical asset tracking, real-time environmental and power monitoring provide the continuous visibility data center operators need. Save money, increase efficiency, avoid downtime, and ensure regulatory compliance. This service is provided in collaboration with RFCODE, a leading technology provided for Datacenters globally

Yard Management – Automotive Distribution Companies.

Gain visibility of the entire yard; know exactly where everything is located within a meter.
Eliminate wasting person hours by automating check-in and checkout at gates. Directing trailers to available docks or parking spaces, which reducing loading and unloading wait times for truck drivers and contractors and improving security.
By implementing RFID technology in the vehicle yard, it is expected to prevent Costly shipping errors, as well as to Lower labor costs previously incurred as employees attempted to locate , count, and identify vehicles of the same color and type. Vehicle movements at the production facility and accessorization zones are captured in real-time which is showcased in the dashboard and the same data pushed to backend ERP via system integration. Overall productivity, tracking of vehicles from receiving till dispatch is monitored under a single umbrella platform.

Smart parking

Arriving late for a crucial meeting is the last thing you may want to do, especially if it is due to your inability to find a suitable parking lot for your car.
Imagine, your meeting is canceled and you have to deal with serious losses. Smart parking is a practical IoT application that can dramatically improve everyone’s life.
Health Care Asset Management.
The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a world of possibilities in medicine. While connected to the internet, medical devices can collect invaluable additional data, give extra insight into symptoms and trends, enable remote care, and generally give your patients more control over their lives and treatment.
RFID can help improving patient safety, here is how:
- RFID tags provide the ability to reduce misidentification issues in healthcare.
- RFID technology can be used to authenticate patients and medical staff during interventions such as medication administration and bloodsampling.
- RFID technology can improve hand hygiene tracking practices and compliance, potentially preventing hospital-acquired infections.

Defense Asset Management

The IoT trend has increasing defense utility.
Military intelligence and command and control systems use the myriad of sensors that can be deployed in all the fields.
It allows them to acquire full situational awareness and control over diverse conflict zones or battle areas. The trend is towards an increase in urban scenarios where millions of sensors could provide military commanders with increased situational awareness and combat intelligence to carry out more effective operations on the ground.