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May 28, 2021

Space Management

Our ability to manage spaces and yards helps ensure this efficiency by providing detailed visibility and maximizing the flow of outgoing and incoming goods.

Operational efficiency is more important than ever. Our ability to manage spaces and yards helps ensure this efficiency by providing detailed visibility and maximizing the flow of outgoing and incoming goods. In addition to reducing costs and meeting customer needs. Therefore, the space management system represents all the activities that occur in the yard prior to the transfer of items from warehouse storage to transportation.

It is a system called on a programmed application that helps in managing the movement of vehicles within the transport hubs. Especially the large squares. By providing real-time information on the location of vehicles in the designated area. It is allowed to move them from staging areas to the sidewalks to fulfill demands with high efficiency. It is used frequently with other Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS). It includes a number of versions of RFID technology, which helps to make this tracking faster and more accurate. It is an integral part of the challenging portfolio of supply chain execution applications. It relies on the use of tracking data to monitor the movement of people and goods and help workers create models that help them make their decisions.

The technical process works as follows:

Objects are tracked by specific points or Received signal Strength Indication (RSSI), or the time indicator to arrive, Active RFID management. The yard management system (YMS) collects the received data. The goal is to help supply chain managers improve asset utilization. The space management systems work with the active or passive RFID tag

Setting up a space management system requires a reassessment of the way things work. Therefore, it focuses on the area that contains many problems and takes a long time to address. It is not just a matter of fixing problems, but also of avoiding potential problems in other areas.

The most important benefits of using a space management system are:

- Increased visibility: To avoid bottlenecks, truck in and out, load finding and tracking of induction volumes easily.

- Intelligent planning: scheduling drivers' appointments in advance, scheduling work accordingly, anticipating yard movements, and bringing goods over ready

- Speed: The all-around visibility through YMS enables faster asset transfer, and improve productivity by finding, transporting, loading and unloading vehicles more efficiently.

- Accurate forecasting and manual labor reduction: Yard management systems eliminate the need for manual checks, and focus on the most important processes while drivers work without waiting.

- Better Communication: By sending emails and text updates directly to clients and drivers about what is existing, what is out, and what is on the road.

- Increase security and prevent losses: through the possibility of tracking goods from the moment they arrive to their exit.

- Create a competitive advantage with carriers and customers.

- Reducing real costs that include labor and fuel costs, and reduce errors and incur fewer costs for spoilage of expired inventory.